20 months – 5 years old
School Schedule: 7:30 am – 1:00 pm Mon – Fri.

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Elementary School at LAM School International covers 1 st -5 th grade. These grades are self-contained classrooms with specialized bilingual teachers along with the English Immersion program provided in order to maximize the academic core subjects: Math, Language Arts, History, Science and Technology. Other courses included in the curriculum are: Spanish, Physical Education, Art, and Music which are also conducted by specialized teachers in English or Spanish.

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Middle and High School at LAM School International covers 6 -12th grades. Middle School and High School classrooms are geographically located in a separate wing within our LAMS facilities. Block scheduling is used in order to provide the students with a pre-college preparation. Core subjects are taught in English, and some subjects in Spanish as required by the local Ministry of Education.

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